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Experience that counts

From brand awareness to customer acquisition and direct response advertising campaigns, we’re always looking for the ideas and concepts that cut through the crowded media landscape, for startups, small, medium and larger scale companies.

As well as creating and producing your campaigns across multiple channels, Legendary Group will plug into your marketing objectives, help plan and refine briefs and key messages, advise on strategic approaches and campaign strategy.

Print advertising

Working hand-in-hand with leading associations Canada and World Wide, Legendary Group will put you in the best position to reach the properly targeted audience.

We develop big ideas to help separate you from everyone else, doing this through distinctive brand awareness campaigns and creative sales campaigns designed to boost brand equity and revenue.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising is now firmly on everyone’s radar and agenda. Especially as you can now use smart strategies like remarketing, social ads and contextual advertising to follow customers, rather than wait for them to follow you.

As digital advertising experts, we have a sixth sense of what works creatively online and what doesn’t. And which media or social media channels will maximize focus on your product or initiative.

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Ambient advertising & guerilla advertising

A smart, tactical partner to out of home advertising, ambient advertising can get maximum bang for your buck in areas whether there’s minimal competition.

We’re continuously looking at ways of getting closer – in the right place at the right time – to get your messaging further.

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