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I am often asked “What are the advantages to advertising?” or “Why should I advertise?”

Some might try to reason by saying: “I don’t need to advertise” or “I’ve never had to advertise”. For some businesses, they have relied heavily on word-of-mouth, and certainly good word-of-mouth is good for business. You might have also heard “I’m good right now”

Those three statements can be very dangerous. The idea that I’ve never had to advertise, I don’t need to advertise, or I’m good right now .. might appear to be fine in the moment. However as we all know, things can change in an instant. What was once good and popular yesterday, could be forgotten in a mere few weeks when someone else comes along and grabs the attention.

Keep this phrase in mind for a moment: “Out of Sight = Out of Mind”

Image result for coke vs pepsi
Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola

So lets look to Coca-Cola and Pepsi as examples for a moment.

Do you think Coca-Cola and or Pepsi “need” to advertise?
I mean, we all know who they are right?

When you break things down to statistics, Coca-Cola and Pepsi trade places at #1 and #2 in pretty much every category you could think of in their field. Their logo’s are recognized globally.

Combined, Coca-Cola and Pepsi spend over $8 billion dollars per year in advertising.


Even though Coca-Cola and Pepsi are consistently ranked at the top, both globally recognized and both worth billions of dollars .. they both continuously advertise in every medium possible


Out of Sight = Out of Mind

Coca-Cola and Pepsi both recognize that if they don’t continue to advertise and put themselves in front of consumers, they may very well find themselves falling behind the competition. You will never hear Coca-Cola say “I don’t need to advertise” or Pepsi say “I’m good right now” because they both well recognize, that while things might be good right now .. that momentum could change in an instant

Image result for new coke crystal pepsi
NEW Coke & Crystal Pepsi were both failures

There are many forms of advertising, and all forms ultimately compliment each other. Having your company logo/brand on a pen, hat or shirt is a form of advertising. TV or Radio Commercials are a good way to get in front of a larger scale audience. Print advertising is another great way to get your name out. However the form of advertising with the greatest reach, with the best flexibility for cost and the biggest bang for your hard earned dollar .. is digital / online advertising.

TV and Radio ads run on a schedule. Print advertising is tied to a circulation. Logo’s on promotional products are limited to regions and what you can afford to distribute. Digital advertising is available to anyone and everyone, in any city, in any country in the entire world at anytime.

Digital Online Advertising offers incredible flexibility with cost, and allows you the opportunity to change things on the fly if an ad isn’t working for you. Plus its interactive! The audience / potential clients can easily click a button and find themselves on your website or social media page. You can direct them to any page you like, with any message you want. That image, page and message can change as often as you need, normally at no extra cost (depending on the company you are working with).

As a Marketing and Branding Agency, we support all forms of Advertising and encourage businesses to look into each avenue if they can afford it. However we will always stress the absolute need to have an Online (Digital) presence.

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