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We partner with growing companies to create brilliant brand names.

Your brand is your story—it’s the complete picture of who you are, what you do & how you do it. Communicating that story clearly and effectively presents a huge challenge for most organizations. You can possess the vision and passion but still struggle with how to communicate your message visually and verbally. That’s where Legendary comes in with our brilliant branding services. As branding consultants, our role is to help you define, develop & implement your brand identity so that it speaks for itself. That’s the beauty of brilliant branding: it requires less effort to communicate your vision and creates more energy within the organization. The company’s purpose and mission become self-evident.

What we do

We’re branding consultants who provide comprehensive branding services, from naming companies and products to rebranding and repositioning.

Company Name Development: Business and product name development

Brand Implementation: Putting the pieces in place

Rebranding: Updating the corporate image

Repositioning:  Redefining your core message

Brand Messaging: Getting your story straight

Brand Consulting: Providing insights and strategies

Brand Architecture: Clarifying your brand hierarchy