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Adobe Color gets awesome new palette-picking tools

Adobe has really been spoiling us over the last few weeks when it comes to colour tools. We’ve only just got over the company’s sneak preview of the Illustrator Recolour feature, and now it’s gone and updated the Adobe Color website to include fantastic new palette-picking tools.

If you’ve never used it before, Adobe Color is a Creative Cloud application that allows artists and designers to easily save colour schemes and export them into other software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

With its new Adobe Sensei powered features, creators will now also be able to use Adobe Color to extract colour palettes from Adobe Stock or Behance images. They’ll also be able to select colour schemes from a selection of hand-picked artwork galleries, and convert these colours into Pantone hues.

Extract palettes based on moods and themes. Image: Adobe

The updates in question include the Explore, Trends, and Pantone features. With Explore, users will be able to precisely identify a colour they’ve seen while looking through integrated Adobe Stock and Behance image libraries. Backed up with the power of AI and machine learning, Explore will also suggest relevant tags based on the colour and context of the search.

Meanwhile the Trends feature gives users a glimpse into the latest palettes that other creators are working with. These galleries are curated by the teams at Adobe Stock and Behance, and focus on specific subjects such as Graphic Design, Illustration and Fashion.

Finishing off the updates is the new Pantone integration. This allows users to convert palettes into Pantone swatches and then use them in Adobe products. If you’ve been trying to set spot colours in Adobe software, you now have a quick and easy way to do just that.