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Making Follow-Up Sales Calls in 2020

If you’re in sales, you’ve likely seen the 2011 “Lead Response Management Study.” It analyzed three year’s worth of data, 100,000 call attempts, six companies, and 15,000 leads and synthesized findings to bring salespeople scientific answers to age-old questions like “What are the best days to call my prospects?” and “What time should I contact […]

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Funny Email Subject Lines Begging to Be Opened

Your prospects’ and colleagues’ email inboxes are inundated with ordinary subject lines all day, every day. “Hope you’re doing well,” “Just checking in,” and “Wanted to follow up” fill their screens faster than Gary Vee drops the F-bomb. Thirty-five percent of email recipients report opening emails based on the subject line alone. And headline experts at CoSchedule recommend […]

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Creative Email Subject Lines That Restart Stalled Sales Conversations

Sales emails: Easy to send, difficult to perfect. Professionals receive an average of 94 business-related emails a day, according to the Radicati Group’s 2018 Email Statistics Report. How can yours stand out? Answer: Your subject line.Creative email subject lines act as tantalizing teasers, while boring or generic ones will prompt prospects to send your messages straight […]

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